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How to Help photoPlease support the work of the Native American Disability Law Center and be a partner in the fight for justice!

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Your tax-deductible donation helps us continue to provide free legal services, information, outreach and training to Native Americans with disabilities in the Southwest.

The Law Center is the only agency in the country devoted solely to protecting the legal rights of Native Americans with disabilities. We guard Native Americans with disabilities against abuse and advocate for their basic rights. Our advocacy ensures accountability in health care, education, employment, housing, transportation and juvenile justice.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation to the Law Center today. The Law Center will use your donation to ensure that Native Americans of all abilities are treated with equality, dignity and respect.

  • $25 allows a parent of a student with disabilities to attend a Law Center special education conference to learn about their childs' right to services that will help them succeed in school.
  • $50 allows the Law Center to provide legal advice to an adult with a disability who needs help negotiating the Social Security benefit application process.
  • $75 allows a Law Center advocate to visit an institution that houses people with disabilities to assure that they are free from abuse and neglect.
  • $100 allows a Law Center attorney to serve as guardian in court for a child who has been abused or neglected.

You can donate online or use our printer-friendly donation form to mail your donation. Thank you for your support!